Ndi Igbo do not need the senate presidency or the speakership. What we need is the recovery of Nigeria’s stolen presidential mandate

Dear Igbo Muslim/Muslim presidency proponents and Senate presidency and speakership aspirants,

The South East is not yet ripe for the office of the senate president or the speakership – let’s keep building bridges and flyovers across Nigeria so by 2040, we might be ripe for those offices

By then, the bridge will be long enough.

You all supported a Muslim/Muslim presidential ticket, you sold your birthright for a bowl of porridge to pave the way for your ambitions.

Therefore, in our opinion, nothing should be wrong with a muslim senate president and Muslim speaker if we can have a Muslim Muslim presidency.

You all kept quiet and even collaborated while our collective presidential mandate was stolen from us.

You kept quiet while Igbos were threatened, harrased, injured and even killed in lagos, just because of your ambitions and partisan leaning.

Besides, like you campaigned, nobody should use religion or ethnicity to contest for office of the president. You said Igbos were not ready.

You must not allow your emotions to get the better part of you as we refuse to support your greedy, selfish and, self serving ambitions.

Religion as you all told us openly shouldn’t be a factor in choosing the presidency, so also should it be with the leadership of the senate or the speakership.

Thereby, a muslim/Muslim presidency and a muslim senate presidency and speakership from the North will pave way for the Igbos after 16 years.

Originally penned by Duruebube


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