Allen Dulles, the CIA and the Rise of the Deep State

The Third in a Series of Interviews with Regis Tremblay

By Edward Curtin and Regis Tremblay

A totally riveting conversation with Ed Curtin about how Allen Dulles, his brother John Foster Dulles aided Hitler and Nazi Germany in WWII and master mined Operation Paper Clip which brought hundreds of Nazis to the US, Canada, Argentina and elsewhere and put them in high ranking position like Verner Von Braun, a Nazi, as the head of NASA.

Allen Dulles masterminded the organization and structure of the CIA as a clandestine operating what now controls the US government and foreign policy.

Dulles was behind the Bay of Pigs, and the assassination of JFK in a highly public killing in Dallas, a message to every president since, not to mess with us. The same crowd did 9/11.

Dulles got himself appointed to the Warren Report, the official report on the JFK assassination…the same guy JFK fired!

We are controlled today by the same evil cabal, followers of Allen Dulles.

Edward Curtin is a prominent author, researcher and sociologist based in Western Massachusetts.  He is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). 

The original source of this article is Alfredo Bolduc

Copyright © Edward Curtin and Regis TremblayAlfredo Bolduc, 2023


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