COVID Crimes. When Will the Perpetrators be Prosecuted?

How did COVID-19 present itself?

It was fatal car crashes and ensuing trauma-related deaths falsely coded as COVID, it was bacterial pneumonia, falsely named, it was hospitals getting more money for COVID diagnoses and COVID protocols, it was false pronouncements of PHEIC from the globalist WHO attached at the hip to the WEF.

It was the cold, it was the flu, it was data manipulation writ large, where jabbed patients are listed as unvaccinated weeks after their hospital admittances.  It was a perfect fabricated pretext for a global financial coup which continues to impoverish and kill us as the oligarchs grow richer and more powerful.

As long as global populations remain incredulous, fake pandemics can be fabricated through contrived Emergency Authorizations, coding changes to Death Certificates which falsely inflate deaths attributed to COVID, invalid testing, and data manipulation. This is what happened to us.

Read the transcript here.

Per Mike Yeadon, the central operational deception is the tests (PCR and other tests) and the central conceptual deception is the mask. Faulty testing means invalid data, whereas ubiquitous mask-wearing creates the perception of a deadly virus, even as the WHO has admitted the virus was in line with the flu and renowned epidemiologist Dr. Ioannidis stated that it was a Low Infection Fatality Rate virus. Ioannidis also noted that distinctions in data-recording were not being made between dying with COVID and dying of COVID. This sleight of hand was reiterated by Dr. Ngozi Ezike.

Read the transcript here.

The endgame has been to inject us with bioweapons, and they succeeded to a large degree. And at what cost?  Jab-incurred excess mortality rates are skyrocketing, as are jab injuries, with Australia data showing a 5,162% increase in excess deaths in the first 38 week of 2022, and top insurance analyst Josh Stirling claiming the U.S. alone is experiencing 600,000 jab-induced deaths per year.

If not now, when will the perpetrators of these massive crimes against humanity be prosecuted?

Copyright © Mark Taliano, 2023

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