Biotech Floods to Spread Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO) Seeds in Nigeria

In the Intelicor press briefings in October 2022, Ian Smith, the press secretary provided facts including display of Satellite Images showing flooded farmlands and cities in Nigeria to backup an earlier warning that, the Biotechonology companies and their main investor Billionaire Philanthropocapitalist Bill Gates were planning devastating floods in Nigeria.

The plan commenced in 2021 with geoengineered earthquake tremors to destroy or weaken all riverside embankments along the Niger and Benue rivers. The episodes of earth tremors in Abuja and environs, Niger, Kaduna, Kwara, Saki in Oyo, and Ile Ife in Osun were meticulously planned and executed. The artificial seismic activity started in early November 2021.

This was followed by geoengineering of the rainfall and floods. The research into geoengineering touted as climate change studies were funded by Bill Gates according to an international report that gathered evidence and throws light on the dangers of Bill Gates philanthrocapitalism, which is boosting the corporate takeover of our seeds, agriculture, food, knowledge and global health systems, manipulating information and eroding our democracies

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The main focus of the project in Nigeria is to start a Food Crisis, for which The Solution would be the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Seeds deceptively touted as Flood-Tolerant Seeds. These seeds are neither flood tolerant or resistant to pests, but they are GMO seeds with all the health hazards. According to report by The Guardian (London) the seeds were engineered to cut the Nigerian overpopulation by 70% using contraceptive corn and other seeds including rice, yam, cassava, potatoes, soy beans, black-eye peas and others.

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Segun Alade a health expert and social commentator in Lagos, said that, “the program has begun with School Feeding across Africa”. Monsanto purchased a small company called Epicyte which came up with the gene, called Epicyte gene for sterilization of men. The Epicyte gene has been inserted in the GMO crops for Africa to make human antibodies that attack sperms resulting in generations of impotent Nigerian men with low sperm counts. Alade says that “low sperm count is a growing epidemic in Nigeria”. The National Biosafety Management Agency (NBMA) has given all the necessary approvals to deploy the Monsanto GMO seed for this purpose. Intelicor has contacted the African heads of states to warn them about the latest deceptive strategy by Bill Gates and his protégées at the World Bank and African Development Bank, to spread the so-called Climate-tolerant GMO crops in Africa in their frantic effort to conquer Africa’s food security.

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The strategy is to attach low interest loans to agricultural programs that would use flood tolerant GMO crops. Once the GMO crops are planted in the fields with GMO seeds supplied from the World/Afdb program, the food security of the African Continent will be forever dependent on Monsanto/Bayer owned by Bill Gates.

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Afdb promised assistance from 2020-2025, and thereafter the cost to procure the GMO seeds could reach $300 billion every planting season for African countries, leaving the entire continent indebted to Bill Gates and Monsanto. The real aim of Bill Gates is to have Africa countries mortgage their entire natural resources to his biotechnology companies for the cost of the Climate Smart seeds just to feed on ‘poisoned GMO food’. The program has been endorsed by the United States and the European Union in the New Biological Colonialism of Africa.

In 2021, the initiative was commenced by Bill Gates using his protégés at the World bank/Afdb. The program entails generating the floods by geo-engineering using artificial earthquakes in many parts of Africa. In the present rainy season, there would be collapse the banks of major Dams across several countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Ivory Coast and others. Bill Gates has for sometime sponsored research to develop several geo-engineering technologies inducing artificial earthquakes.

( ).

The geo-engineering is a new weapon of Bill Gates Geo-terrorism which could cause artificial earthquakes, floods, cyclones and strong local heating. It was deployed in Nigeria in the recent Abuja Earth Tremors to cause public panic, intimidate the government of President Muhammadu Buhari before the election into accepting the so-called flood tolerant crops.

( ).

The detractors aim to cause food shortages by inducing earth tremors close to major Dams and banks in Nigeria so that there would be floods during rainy season all over the agricultural plains. Their proxy-legislators in the National Assembly will demand immediate legalization of the so-called flood tolerant GMO seeds with bills already drafted by the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation. To cover-up the truth about the flooding in Nigeria, the Biotechnology companies have used the Nigerian press to amplify the falsehood that the flooding in Nigeria was caused by the release of water from the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon. While the Lagdo Dam release contributes less than 2% of overflow, the major cause of flooding is related to the actions of geo-terrorism by the Biotechnology companies.

Another imminent threat to Africa is ‘democratic coup d’état’ as recently demonstrated in Kenya. The government in Kenya was successfully taken over by a Bill Gates protégé, readily endorsed by the United States. The prime focus now is Nigeria. Intelicor issued another warning to Nigeria on the impending ISWAP threats or rather the purported threats also sounded by some Western countries as a distraction from the real threat. However, the truth of the matter is the real terrorists are the mercenaries hired by the Biotechnology Companies and trained by their private army called Blackwater

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The aim is to topple President Buhari’s government in Nigeria and replace it with a government led by a Bill Gates protégé. Mr Adamu Mohammed a security expert, says that, “I have been following the background activities of all the presidential candidates and their potential foreign links, and found that, Atiku is the most compromised”. “For example, the main propaganda mercenary for the Biotechnology companies in Africa is headed by Dr Rose Gidado, who is also the Nigerian country coordinator for the Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) in Africa

( ).

Dr Gidado is married to Prof Maxwell Michael Gidado, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), relative (cousin) and Chief Legal Adviser to former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, who is the presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria”. Western press is sounding alarm that, the stage is set to topple the government in Nigeria in a quasi-coup d’état to be sold as a peaceful transition from an inept government to a strong-government led by protégés of the Biotechnology companies. However, the alarms were designed to exonerate the complicit Western governments.

Intelicor advised the Nigerian government to knock a decisive blow to the Biotechnology companies by passing laws at the National Assembly banning GMO crops and repealing the National Health Act 2015 that would provide human ovarian eggs of Nigerian women for the Western Biotechnology cloning industry worth $30 trillion USD in ‘Egg for Food’ exchange. These two legal instruments are the enabling laws facilitating all the nefarious activities of Bill Gates and the Biotechnology companies in Nigeria. A preemptive action will forestall all their plans and render their actions null and void and of no effect. The Western governments are in the conspiracy actions against Nigeria.

The Intelicor scribe Smith blamed the Nigerian government, which he described as naïve, for thinking that any good economic gain could come from blind cooperation with the West. He also warned that cooperation with China and Russia were no better alternatives, rather Africa must stand on her own. The secret is that Africa holds the key to economic survival of the West, especially given the face-off with Russia and China. Africa must now assert her true independence!

Susan Vozniak


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