A LESSON on HUMILITY to learn from the story of BODE THOMAS!

Bode Thomas, yes, the same Bode Thomas, whom the Surulere street was named after, died on Nov 23, 1953 in a most mysterious manner.

Bode Thomas was born to a wealthy trader, John thomas in 1918.

Himself, FRA Williams and Remi Fani-Kayode (Father of Femi Fani-Kayode) attended Law School in London, and they established the first law firm in Nigeria, called “Thomas, Williams and Kayode”.

The law firm was established in Jankara, Lagos.

Bode Thomas was an excellent lawyer, but he was also very arrogant.

Because of his education, he was made chairman of the Oyo Divisional Council at one time, while the King of Oyo, Alaafin Adeyemi, (the father of the current Alaafin) was a mere member.

On Bode Thomas’ first appearance in council after being appointed chairman, all council members stood up for him in deference, to welcome him, except Oba Adeyemi, who, for cultural reasons, should not show deference to anyone in public, not even his mother.

Bode Thomas rudely shouted at the King”. WHY WERE YOU SITTING WHEN I WALKED IN? YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SHOW RESPECT?” At that time, Bode Thomas was 34 years, while the Alaafin was in his 60’s.

The Alaafin felt very insulted. He said “SE EMI LO NGBO MO BAUN?” (Is it me that you are barking at like that?)

Bode Thomas responded by shouting some English sentences which the Alaafin didnt understand, so the Alaafin just told him. “MA GBO LO”!

(continue barking). The confrontation happened on November 22nd, 1953. Bode Thomas got home and started barking.

He barked and barked and barked like a dog all night until he died in the early morning of November 23rd, 1953.

Bode Thomas was the Balogun of Oyo.

So, when next you drive on BODE THOMAS STREET in SURULERE, LAGOS, remember that man, who cut his own life short because of his arrogance and naughtiness.

Friends, pride comes before destruction, Humility will take you to high places. No matter what!

Do have a lovely day .


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