You are a Nigerian with a university exposure. You read how Muhammadu Buhari executed a military coup against a democratically elected govt on 31st December 1983, locked up the Christian-Igbo born vice president, late Dr Alex Ekwueme in Kirikiri prison but left the main President, Shehu Shagari, a Fulani Muslim like himself, in a palatial apartment in the name of house arrest. You’ve heard and read how the same Buhari jailed journalists back then simply for publishing stories his govt considered embarrassing, made life a living hell to the point that Nigerians had to que to buy ordinary bread and milk and ended up plunging the country into recession.

In 2011, you witnessed this same Buhari contest Presidential election under the platform of a little known now defunct Congress For Progressive Change (CPC) with just one state of Nassarawa then, expectedly lost but rather than accept the result, he instigated a post-election violence carried out by his supporters which claimed not less than 800 lives including those of serving youth corps members.

You’ve read how the same man (Buhari) led a delegation of Fulani leaders (during a crises between Fulani herdsmen and Yoruba farmers) to ask the then Oyo state governor Lam Adesina, “why are your people killing my people?”

Before 2015 poll, you knew Buhari has openly defended the Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram on different occasions and had even gone on air to describe an attack on them as attack on the North. The same Boko haram reciprocated his gesture by nominating him as their representative in a failed peace parley with the then govt of Goodluck Jonathan. Buhari has never hidden the fact that he has an open intercourse with the Islamic terrorist group and you are not unaware of this.

All through his three previous attempts at the Presidency, Buhari never campaigned in the South in demonstration of the deep seated contempt he has for Southerners and Christians. He campaigned only in the Muslim North where he vehemently pushed for full implementation of Sharia. You knew this.

Just as you knew that for over 30 years since he was booted out of power by his fellow military thugs, the same Buhari has never delivered any lecture, not even in Fulani language, never wrote even a two paged book, never organized a single seminar, has no known business aside his cows neither did he establish a single factory as a way of contributing to the society. Worse of all, he never took even a single step to improve himself academically. All he did was come out to contest every four years, lose, cry and get his minions to kill hundreds of unfortunate Nigerians in protest, go back to his cow and wait for another four years.

You know all these,


In 2015, you looked this man finish and convinced yourself that a well known intellectually unfortunate ethno-religious bigot who failed woefully even with a loaded gun and suspended constitution was the right man to preside over your country in the 21st century 2015???????????

Today, the same you are running from pillar to post menstruating from your head while accusing President Buhari of disappointing you.

How???????????? What were you expecting and on what reasonable ground did you base those expectations????

Let’s cut the crap please! Those who helped foist this human tragedy called Muhammadu Buhari on us are the real Authors of our current misfortune. If they knew him for the calamity he’s always been but still voted him, then they are heartlessly evil. If they didn’t know his record which has always been in the open, it means they are fundamental ignorant ignoramuses with suspicious academic credentials. Either way, they should never be taken serious because with their choice of Buhari, they’ve proven their sense of judgement is non-existent.

Education is meant to equip one with the mental capacity to discern. Those who lay claim to education and superior intellect but ended up joining 15 million almajiris in believing Buhari could make one naira equal to one dollar should show some respect to this thing called shame by keeping quiet to allow us mourn in peace.

By Charles Ogbu

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