Dear Delegates,

I write to you at this auspicious time in the history of our great party and dear State with a heart full of thanks to Almighty God. History has provided us with an opportunity to be agents of change in bringing our State back back on track after a horrible and excruciating experience in the hands of the present APC led government.

I have traversed the nooks and crannies of the State to meet with you and other party members, leaders and stakeholders on my desire and commitment to present myself for the service of our great party and our dear State as the next executive governor of the State in 2019. My ambition is borne out of my genuine conviction that I possess the requisite qualifications and mental capacity to steer our State to the direction it truly deserves. I have campaigned based on issues that are germane to the realization of the shared expectations of all well meaning Imolites both at home and in diaspora.

You are aware that this dream cannot be realistic without your roles as delegates of our party as stipulated by our laws. It is therefore on this premise that I appeal to you to vote for me as the candidate of our party in the 2019 governorship election. The time has come when you will be putting into practice PDP’s slogan of “Power to the People.” You represent our people and are therefore expected to justify the party’s pride in giving you power on behalf of the people. You must vote to protect the interest of the party and of the people.

The best way to protect the interest of the party is to vote for the best candidate of the party. Vote for the candidate who will best represent the interest of the party to move our party and State forward. You must vote according to your conscience for the candidate who has the mass appeal and goodwill to win the election for our party. Since the voting arrangement is by open-secret balloting, you must insist that the secret component of the voting be enforced so as to protect the confidentiality of your votes.

As you step out to cast your vote to elect a flag-bearer, please be reminded that a rare opportunity has been thrust upon you to do that which is right and which will be beneficial, not only to you, but to your own children, our great party, our State and posterity at large. You now have the opportunity to effect that change by nominating someone who has the ability and capacity to defeat the incumbent administration in 2019. History beckons on you to write your name in gold, as a major catalyst in the change agenda in the State.

How will you react? Will you be guided by emotions and sentiments to nominate based on parochial interests when, indeed, you know that the person does not have what it takes to defeat the incumbent and win the election? Will you be guided by earnest desire for the common good to nominate someone who has what it takes to defeat other contestants and win Imo governorship for the PDP and thereby kick-start that change the change we have always chorused?

Dear delegates, it is now up to you to decide whether you want Imolites to remember you as the hero who effectively empowered change, or the villain who sabotaged the best chance for change we ever had. 2019 election is not any aspirant’s personal war. It is a battle between political parties and the best each party can do is to enter the war arena with its best war commander, the person that is divinely graced to win elections.

I have the experience having served as the Executive chairman of Ikeduru LGA, a two time State Assembly Member, and a Senator with super impact. I love Imo State and its core values because I believe I have always given my best in all the positions I have occupied. No one wins more elections than a politician who is on ground and close to the people. A politician that has overtime made reasonable friends across political divides. These are the *SAMDADDY* advantage.

Finally, I employ you to conduct yourselves in the most responsible manner as you step in to cast your votes for me. My ambition is not worth the blood of any delegate, and indeed any party member. What I seek is for the interest of our party in the face of the situation we find ourselves as opposition party, having in mind the sad experience of 2015. I have resolved to pursue this mandate in the most democratic and peaceful manner, believing that the process will be transparent, fair and credible. This is very important because we cannot afford to enter the general elections as a divided house. I only urge you to do the right thing and vote for me, *Samuel Anyanwu (Sam Daddy)* as your governorship candidate of our great party. I promise never to let our party and State down. It shall end in Praise.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Senator Samuel Anyanwu (Sam Daddy)

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