• “Aku ruo uno principle – Come Let’s Build Our Home”

By a stroke of luck, you Igbos barely escaped being drowned by the Oba of Lagos in 2015. It was by the special mercy of God that all of you in Lagos survived that ‘near miss’ incident.

Immediately after the 2015 elections and as soon as Buhari was ‘elected’, in their phone chat leaked to the public, Alhaji Faruk and Kunle told you Igbos everything they will do to you and how they will build a super powerful north-west and south-west co-economy, to the exclusion of you Igbos.

Earlier, Fashola had deported some of you to Onitsha from Lagos and vowed to deport more of you ‘unwanted nuisances’ in ‘their’ territory, when necessary.

Was it not a few months ago that Ambode unveiled his agenda for you Igbos in Lagos?

In that declaration, he was clear that all your properties in Lagos will be expropriated and demolished. He was also clear that he wanted all of you out of Lagos and back to wherever you came from, since ‘Lagos was a Yorubaland.’ Thia was an admonishment that he made sure that you understood.

Umunne’m, what is so complicated in all of the above that you can’t understand? They don’t want you means that they don’t want you. They have said it repeatedly in very plain language. But, you pretend and lie to yourself about these unfurling realities.

What is it that you can’t build in Enugu and all over the East? I hail from Imo State. But, in all honesty, Enugu (Coal City) has all the fundamentals to emerge as a very important global city and socio-economic hub, if you people can stop this madness of scattering your wealth everywhere and think of/ invest in Enugu especially. Aba, Onitsha, Nnewi,.Orlu will definitely rival the industrial cities of south-east Asia, if we give them similar treatment as well.

I enjoin our politicians, bureaucrats, traditional rulers, captains of industry, money bags and indeed all Igbos to give this a serious thought.

It took China about 30 years of precision investments to evolve into what it is now.

Dubai and much of UAE were deserts 15 years ago. In Nigeria, Abuja, a no where prior to 1974, was conceived in mid 1975 and commissioned in 1990. It took 15 years to build Abuja. And if you consider that 70 per cent of Abuja’s development/ progress was (and still is) catalyzed by you Igbos, imagine how long it will take you to transform Enugu into another Dubai, if you do the needful.

You have the means, acumen, industry, education/knowledge, innovativeness, and a very special God-given never-say-die-attitude.

In Biafra, you attained innovative feats and created great things out of nothing. Why have you suddenly jettisoned all of these attributes and have accepted a life of servitude in distant lands, where they use you to build towns and cities, only to be discarded thereafter?

Igbos go home and develop your own land and stop this madness! It will not rob you of your Nigerianness. Instead, your citizenship will be powerfully reinforced.

Charity should start at home!

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