Duruebube Chimazuru “Oblong” Nnadi candidate for federal House of Representatives, Owerri federal constituency calls on Imolites to vote for individuals with integrity and competence and not political parties.

Duruebube made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja, that voting for parties had been the trend in Imo and it must stop.

He explained that for Imo to be great again, it’s electorate must learn to vote individuals not minding the political party they belong to but considering the pedigree, the credibility and the competence of the candidate.

“Since the inception of democracy in 1999 in Imo people have been voting for candidates one party or two other parties.

“And we have realised the voting strictly along party lines has not profited Imo state in the sense that, people who we vote into power do not meet the mark or expectation of the voting electorate.

“In other words we vote those who are being selected for us by political parties whereas we can see in other parties which are not really too visible , individuals who we believe could do better.

“In such situation you find yourself being coerced to vote for the best of the worst.’’

He told NAN that his campaign organisation the HAZIE OWERRI CAMPAIGN ORGANISATION plans to carry out a campaign to sensitise the public on the need to vote for credible and competent individuals and not political parties.

Duruebube added that the campaign which would carry a hash tag “Put Imo first’’ would be continuous till the 2019 election takes place.

He said that the campaign would be carried out throughout the social media and on radio and TV to put out our message.

He stated that people need to know what Imo has become in the advent of voting for parties, adding that Imo must come first and not politicians.

“We want to constitute a wakeup call on Ndi Imo, to wake them to see that Imo is not headed the way it should go because we are relying on political parties and their selective instead of elective party primaries.

“Let us vote for people not parties, if you vote for individuals who have a long history of activism and passion to serve, then you can see the person as positive and deserving to put in an office where he or she can make a difference.’’

The CEO OblongMedia advised the people of his Owerri federal constituency to put Owerri first when campaigning for politicians handpicked by leaders and urged them not to sell their conscience but be discerning.


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