Buhari Must Debate. By Mayor Ikoroha.

The vice presidential debate was very interesting. Yemi was good. Peter did well. They reeled out statistics and numbers, facts and figures, analysis and projections. Atiku may try to perform like Peter. But can you imagine Buhari imitating Yemi?

But Buhari must debate.

They must ask Buhari about Aisha’s lamentations. About the APC that collects nomination money from aspirants without any intention of allowing them to contest. About the billions Aisha’s ADC fleeced from people. And about the two unelected men that actually runs the government.

Buhari must debate.

Buhari must be asked about the actual source of the billions found in that Ikoyi flat. About what actually transpired between Kachikwu and Baru. About who actually told the DSS to invade the National Assembly.

Buhari must debate.

They must ask Buhari why he authorized Maina’s reinstatement and elevation. Why Babachir currently organizes Buhari reelection campaign rallies instead of defending himself in court. Whether he has watched the Gandollar video series. And why the EFCC and ICPC pretend as if Gandollar is still a myth.

Buhari must debate.

Buhari must be asked questions about Boko Haram. He must be asked to generate the synonyms of “Technically Defeated”. So as to throw more light on that amorphous, confusing term. He must state how many times Shekau can be killed before he actually dies. And explain the impotence of an army General in the face of ragtag terrorists. Plus what happened to the hundreds of billions budgeted for the waning battle against insurgency.

Buhari must debate.

Questions on the rule of law must arise. Did Buhari not withdraw $496m to buy Tucano Jets without appropriation? He must be asked about the continued incarceration of El-Zakzaky and the extrajudicial killing of his protesting supporters. Why is Dasuki still in prison in spite of the court orders that he should be released on bail?

Buhari must debate.

The APC promises must come to haunt Buhari. He must be asked for a specific timeline of when a dollar will be equal to one naira. He must explain how three million new jobs per year eventually translated to eight million lost jobs in three years. How was fuel subsidy fiercely condemned and divorced in the day but quietly crept back and cuddled at night?

Buhari must debate.

Buhari must answer questions on nepotism. How did his government allow a situation whereby Security Council meetings could be successfully held in Fulani language? He must be asked to explain how he was able to sum 97% and 5% to get 100%. Why the penchant for northern-sounding names anytime he wants to make an appointment?

Buhari must debate.

Buhari must explain the herdsmen killings. Someone must ask him how many of his kinsmen who had killed thousands of innocent Nigerians have been brought to justice. Why does he treat the world’s fourth deadliest terrorist group with kid gloves? And refer to deadly terrorist attacks as farmer-herdsmen clashes?

Buhari must debate.

Buhari must explain the famed Magic of the Broom. That charm with which wanted criminals attain instant sainthood. Their sins are forgiven. Their confiscated passports and houses are released. And they are imbued with the nauseous audacity to vilify their former comrades.

Buhari must debate.

Buhari must explain how the change promised Nigerians actually fared. And he must throw more light on #NextLevel. In which All Promises are Cancelled. After three and half years, why is he making new promises instead of addressing the fate existing ones? And making projections not based on current realities.

Buhari must debate.

Buhari will not lose any votes if he performs badly in a debate. His adherents have long come to accept his intellectual limitations. And oratorical challenges. The international community cannot mock us more than they have already done. More so Buhari can only win new converts if he performs well. For he will prove that his WAEC certificate is actually genuine. And forever banish the obstinate spirit of Jubrin from Sudan.

So Buhari must debate.

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